Trail/Ranch Horses For Sale

Bar 3 Quarter Horse Ranch has for sale some of the Country's top AQHA Ranch Horse Bloodlines.  Our horses carry such bloodlines as:  Joe Hancock, Blue Valentine , Music Mount & Poco Buneo.  Our horses have been breed, raised, & trained by Bar 3 for use in our Pack and Outfitting business.  Our horses are stout, sure footed, have lots of bone, and a very gentle dispositions.

Shine Like Music

AQHA 2003 Red Dun – Stallion ($10,000)

AQHA Registration #4362523

We are offering for sell this exceptional breeding stallion.  He has never been to town but I put a lot of rides on him at the ranch.  He is such an amazingly athletic horse, has a very kind disposition, and is the smartest horse I ever broke to ride.  Shine and his foals need to be used in the arena on cows events where they can excel.  That's not to say that they don't do well in other areas two of his half brothers are being used to lead pack strings both are exceptional lead horses.


We have reduced our mare band and only kept the mares that we used in our pack string.  Since we have reduced our breeding program to where we only raise foals for replacement for the outfitting business.  We have decided to sell Shine , hopefully to someone who will use him to his fullest potential.  Shine both pasture and hand breed, he will only mount a mare on command.  He is a kind stallion with mares, not hard to handle, and listen to you.  Shine Like Music is out of Carol Roses bred NRCHA Reserve World Champion Shine Like Hail (Deceased) and the great Shinning Spark.