AQHA Breeding Stallion Services

Golden Jaz Music

AQHA 2000 Grullo Stallion

AQHA Registration #3923182

Stud Fee: $600.00 LFG



Golden Jaz Music is the ranches foundation Sire.  Most all of Bar 3 horses at the ranch today trace back to Jaz.  Jaz carries the homozygous Dun gene.  The base color of your mare will determine if colt will be a Grulla, Dun or Red Dun.  We have bread over 50+ mares with Jaz all have been Grulla or Duns.  We have crossed Jaz on Roans all have had a dorsal strip.  We have grulla mare at the ranch out of Jaz all of her babies crossed with Blue Apache War have been Grulla Roans.  Jaz bloodlines are Poco Bueno/Music Mount.  The top side of bloodlines is Poco Bueno by Little Steel Dust.  The bottom side is Music Mount and Snipper Reed.  Jaz offspring have proven them self and are as about good as you can get for Ranch and Mountain horse.

Blue Apache War (AKA Powder)

AQHA 2005 Blue Roan Stallion

AQHA Registration #4779006

Stud Fee: $600.00 LFG

Blue Apache War is a line bred Blue Valentine/Joe Hancock.  We purchased Powder off a ranch in Wyoming on the Powder River as a yearling.  Powder is a true ranch raised horse and exhibits all the typical traits of the Blue Valentine/Joe Hancock bloodlines.  Powder is big and stout with lots of bone and very gentle disposition.  He has in his bloodlines such Hancock horse as Blue Valentine, Blue Belle Warrior, Blue Apache Warrior, Gooseberry, Blue Apache Hancock, Mr Roan Hancock, Leo Hancock Hays, Dogface, Leo and Poco Bueno.  All of Powder offspring really work well for use, they are big, stout and, very gentle.  They can go all day, put there feet in the right places, and they are the right kind of horse for this tough country.